This site is dedicated to helping those who have been treated unjustly by large corporations.  When treated wrongly, most consumers do not have the money, power, or knowledge to fight back.  This site is dedicated to helping those individuals.  Over the next several weeks, we will be offering you advice on how to get companies to take notice using social media, government support, networking and just old fashioned complaining.  We will also be offering a forum for those who wish to share their stories. 

It all began with ... The U-Haul Story.

Don't be afraid to ROAR!

This site began with the story of our own unfortunate dealings with U-Haul and their insurance company, Repwest .  A simple trip to take our daughter back to college turned into a nightmare.  After our experience, we became aware of many other individuals who experienced their own U-Haul nightmares.

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With the help of the internet and social media, those numbers could be a lot higher.  Let's work together to turn that
16 people into 1600!


Americans tell an average of 9 people about good experiences, and tell 16 people about poor experiences (American Express Survey, 2011)


Tips for telling your story in a way that will get the reader's attention and get the company to take positive action
Tips for getting others to hear your story including  the use of social media, complaint sites, and good old fashioned guerrilla marketing.

Read stories by other Mice who have chosen to Roar and help them share their stories!

Learn how to share your story on this site

Tips on what the attorneys can and cannot do and resources to help protect you

As frustrating as this situation has been, we have learned a lot (and keep learning more) about how to let big companies know we won't sit idly by when treated wrongly.  We hope to share some of what we have learned with you.  In the meantime, will you take a few minute to read our story?